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How is the Final Total of my reservation calculated ?

While the estimated total on your reservation confirmation includes base rate, gratuity, fuel surcharge and administration fee, some charges may not apply when calculating your final total.

Administration fee: This charge refers to a very small fraction of varying operational costs of handling and monitoring the reservation, imposed by municipal, state and federal governments, agencies and commissions, including airport, regulatory, licensing and other fees.

Airport fee: This charge represents airport parking fees incurred by Amadeus for all airport arrival reservations. This flat fee of $18 is subject to change without notice, as Amadeus has no control over if and when increases will be imposed by various governmental agencies.

Base rate: This charge represents the cost of the purchased vehicle at the hourly minimum of your reservation. Hourly minimums may vary, depending upon the type of reservation. For example, flat-rate reservations have a set hourly minimum, versus an “As Directed” or hourly reservations. See Hourly Minimum for more information.

Discretionary gratuity: For all reservations, a suggested percentage of the vehicle’s base rate is added to the trip total for chauffeur gratuity. Any gratuity that may appear on your invoice is wholly voluntary; the amount constitutes only a suggested sum and is entirely left to the discretion of the customer, and can be negotiated or waived at any time.

Fuel surcharge: The fuel surcharge is based on the average cost of fuel at the time of the reservation, as reported weekly by the Energy Information Administration, a statistical agency of the U.S. Department of Energy. This charge will therefore increase or decrease with fuel price levels.

Hourly minimum: Also known as “garage-to-garage time” this standard charge reflects the minimum hourly rate of any vehicle. For flat-rate transfers, this flat charge represents the time the vehicle leaves our facility until it returns after drop off. As Directed reservations are billed at a higher hourly minimum, as the reservation is billed hourly. Hourly minimums may increase depending upon vehicle type and the final travel time of the vehicle during your reservation.

Late cancellation: When customers are unable to provide adequate notice of canceling a reservation, they will be charged the full trip fare and a 20% gratuity charge. Amadeus must have two hours’ notice from the pickup time on the reservation.

Taxes: Taxes are subject to change without notification, as Amadeus has no control over if or when a tax increase may be imposed by various governmental agencies. Taxes are charged as incurred.

Tolls: This charge represents tolls that may be incurred by Amadeus between the pickup and drop-off destinations, as well as for tolls during the chauffeur’s return trip. Tolls are calculated for all flat-rate transfers based upon the most expeditious route. Tolls are billed as incurred for hourly reservations.

Waiting time: Delays are inevitable, which can sometimes keep customers from meeting their chauffeurs. For each reservation, we provide a window of time for customers to greet their chauffeurs at the requested pick-up time and location before incurring charges.

Airport pickups: Amadeus monitors all commercial airline information provided by the customer to ensure on-time airport pickups. We allow a 45-minute grace period is allowed on all domestic arrivals and a 75-minute grace period on all international arrivals. Waiting time charges will apply after the grace period and are accrued in quarter-hour increments, based on the vehicle’s hourly rate.
Non-airport pickups: We allow a 15-minute grace period for all pickup locations other than airports. Waiting time charges will apply after the grace period and are accrued in quarter-hour increments, based on the vehicle’s hourly rate.

Any additional billing questions you may have, please contact us at (877) 296-8002 or at info@amadeusworldwide.com.

When do I need to notify Amadeus of any reservation changes or cancelations ?

Amadeus takes reservation changes and cancellations by phone and/or email. Let us know of any updates as soon as possible.

Changes can be made up to one hour prior to pick up time listed on your reservation.

Cancellations should be made 2 hours prior to pick up time listed on reservation in state and 72 hours prior to pick up time listed on reservation for services out of state.

Is Gratuity included ?

A suggested gratuity charge is calculated into the total on your reservation confirmation.

How far in advance do I need to book a reservation ?

Though we can accommodate same-day, last minute reservations, the farther in advance ideally would be better. When making arrangements for transporting a group, we usually ask for an itinerary to ensure all details are correct (flights and drive times) and to determine the most efficient routes and vehicles needed.

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